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Technology News Update February 2019 – issue #2

Technology, Uncategorized | Chloe Pearson | 28/2/19

Eligo Tech News Update February 2019




In the February technology news update, we cover current hiring trends in technology and what’s in store for women in tech in 2019. The UK government is set to publish a code of conduct for data-driven health and Facebook fails to protect it’s users health data, UK tech startups surge and SME’s are falling short on technology innovation. UK’s first 5G factory trail goes live and in China Big Brother meets Big Data as the Chinese government is set to introduce a social credit system.





Women in tech 2019 and IT hiring slows


What’s in store for Gender Diversity in 2019?

Gender diversity in the STEM industry has been a hot topic for a while now with more and more companies taking positive steps towards promoting and creating a more gender-balanced workforce. Which is why it is discouraging to find out that only 17% of employees working in STEM roles are female, according to a recent study by The Chartered Institute for IT. A significantly low number compared to 47% across the whole workforce. Some of the biggest tech companies like Intel, Facebook and Apple have already committed to improving the position of women in IT and for 2019 we expect more small and medium-sized companies to follow suit.

Read more here (CW jobs)

Softest rise in IT vacancies for over 2 years

A report by KPMG and REC has found that in January there was an increase in demand for temporary and permanent IT workers, however, the latest figure appeared to be the lowest rise in demand in 28 months. Whilst the hiring pace has continued across most areas of the company, head of TMT at KPMG has said that it’s clear that the IT industry is suffering from a skills shortage, with recruiters struggling to meet the demand for roles. and more importantly Businesses will want to see this addressed as soon as possible,

with measures to boost apprenticeships and other routes into these roles.”

Read more here (UKTN)


Healthcare and tech


Facebook failed to protect user health data in private groups

Facebook has been accused of failing to protect the privacy of users in-patient health and other groups. Members of a restricted-access Facebook group for women with Brca gene mutation discovered that their details could be downloaded by third parties. A formal complaint about Facebook to the Federal Trade Commission has stated that under US law, the social media giant should have notified users of the downloading of their data. The complaint also raises concerns about malicious users creating groups that target a vulnerable population before “being leveraged to expose Facebook users to life-threatening privacy violations”.

Read more here (BBC News)

UK gov publishes code of conduct for data-driven health

Following a consultation on the issues surrounding data-driven health and care technology, the UK government has published a code of conduct. The code of conduct sets out certain behaviours the Government expects from those developing, deploying and using data-driven technologies in health and care systems. These range from understanding users, their needs and the context to showing what type of algorithm is being developed or deployed, and the ethical examination of how the data is used. Valentin Tablan, SVP for lesco Digital Health has said that the code of conduct “will help the NHS and its partners adhere to the highest standards and be held accountable by patients and the Government”.

Read more here (UKTN)


Tech start-ups surge and innovation slows


UK tech start-ups rose in 2018

A study by RSM has revealed an increase in the number of tech companies incorporated in the UK during 2018. The results show that there were 11,864 software development and programming businesses incorporated across the country last year, up from 10,394 companies in 2017. With the highest number of 4,752 based in London, followed by the South East at 1,398. David Blacher, head of RSM’s technology, media and telecoms team, said, “Given the current economic uncertainty, it’s fantastic to see that tech start-ups have continued their upward trajectory.

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SME’s falling short on innovation through tech

Apparently, there is a sharp divide between the importance SME’s hold on new technology as the future of their businesses, as opposed to how much they actually invest in it. Results from CitySprint’s annual survey show over three-quarters of SME’s see investing in tech innovation as important, but one in ten haven’t invested in new technology at all in the past 12 months. Previous research from the CBI suggests that by encouraging more businesses to take advantage of existing technologies, management practices and business support, the UK economy could receive a £100bn boost and see a 5% reduction in income inequality

Read more here (UKTN)


Big data and IOT: 5G factory testing to Big Brother


Britain’s first 5G factory trail goes live

In a nod towards the 4th industrial revolution, there have been live 5G factory trails with new Internet of Things (IoT) applications at a Worcestershire 5G Testbed. Company Worchester Bosch will be testing 5G technology for improved factory output, exploring preventative maintenance, utilizing IoT sensors and data analytics to predict failures. The 5G trials will all test end-to-end application performance, taking initial measures of 5G speeds and latency. While 5G technology and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) as the backbone of tomorrow’s smart factories has been tipped to revolutionize the manufacturing industry, it also presents organizations with a new set of vulnerabilities.

Read more here (T_HQ)


Big Brother meets Big Data: China set to launch social credit system

We already know that many of our daily activities are monitored, from what we buy, the bills we pay and where we travel. But what if there was a national trust score that rated the kind of citizen you were based on these activities and more? The Chinese government is doing just that, by developing a Social Credit System (SCS) to rate the trustworthiness of its 1.3 billion citizens. For now, technically, participating in China’s Citizen Scores is voluntary. But by 2020 it will be mandatory. The behaviour of every single citizen and legal person in China will be rated and ranked, whether they like it or not.

Read more here (WIRED)



Eligo news this month


perlcon2019Eligo Tech to sponsor PerlCon 2019 

Eligo is proud to announce that we will be sponsoring this year’s PerlCon in Riga, Latvia. The European Perl Conference is an annual tech conference that brings together Perl programmers and Perl enthusiasts alike for a series of talks, workshops, and networking. Find out more about PerlCon and buy your ticket here.


mental health and recruitment How to look after your mental health when searching for a job

One in four people in the UK will experience a mental health condition in the next year. One in six will experience poor mental health within the next week. Looking for a new job can be particularly stressful and even more so for those experiencing a period of poor mental health. We’ve got a few top tips to make navigating your career and job search a little easier.

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 Top Tech Skills for 2019 

Top Tech Skills for 2019

With technology rapidly evolving these 8 skill sets across, cloud computing, AI, Data Science, Scientific Computing, Software Testing, Mobile and Game Development offer a promising career path for now and the future.

Many Businesses are suffering from a shortage in these technological skill sets so now is the best time to learn and land a new technology job for 2019.

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