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Technology News Roundup 23/03/2018

Technology | Dan Baxter | 23/3/18

Weekly Tech News 23-03-18



This week in the technology news roundup, what you need to know about the Cambridge Analytica Scandal, Oracle releases Java 10, UK chancellor reveals UK FinTech Sector Strategy and Police release video of fatal Uber self-driving collision.

We’d love to take our news round-up to the next level this year and provide something for the whole of the technology industry, as well as throwing some of our own insight and expert advice. Do let us know your comments on the news round-ups and anything you’d like to read in the coming weeks.





Cambridge Analytica Scandal: what you need to know so farCambridge Analytica Scandal: what you need to know so far

Whistle-blower Christopher Wylie revealed all about Cambridge Analytica’s involvement with Facebook; harvesting 50 million Facebook profiles to target American voters for the presidential election. Since then there have been further developments following an investigation from undercover reporters at Channel 4; from Alexander Nix boasting the use of dirty tricks to swing elections, to Cambridge Analytica being given access to confidential documents when working for the ministry of defence.

Click here to read more about the Cambridge Analytica Scandal
(The Guardian) 22/03/2018



ITS OFFICIAL: Java 10 has been releasedITS OFFICIAL: Java 10 has been released

On Wednesday, Java 10 was officially released in the first of Oracle’s new biannual release schedule which was announced last year. This Java 10 release was heavily collaborated on with the OpenJDK Community and is a production-ready implementation of the Java SE 10 platform specification.

Click here to read more about the Java 10 release
(SDTimes) 21/03/2018




Phillip Hammond reveals UK FinTech sector strategy Phillip Hammond reveals UK FinTech sector strategy

Yesterday UK chancellor revealed his FinTech Sector Strategy which will include new steps in ‘robo-regulation’, a new crypto assets taskforce, a FinTech bridge with Australia and a new set of industry standards to enable FinTech firms to more easily partner with existing banks. On the new strategy, Hammond stated; “I am committed to helping the sector grow and flourish, and our ambitious Sector Strategy sets out how we will ensure the UK remains at the cutting edge of the digital revolution.”

Click here to read more about the FinTech Sector Strategy
(UKTN) 22/02/2018



 Police release video of Uber self-driving collisionPolice release video of Uber self-driving collision

On Wednesday Arizona Police released a short video of the fatal collision between an Uber self-driving vehicle and a pedestrian. The video was taken from the inside of the Uber cab and shows the Vehicle driving in autonomous mode along a dark road when an image of a woman, walking her bicycle across the road suddenly appears in the headlights. The woman later died of her injuries in hospital, and the video is likely to be a key part of investigations of Uber’s self-driving car technology and whether it was ready for testing on public roads.

Click here to read more about the fatal Uber self-driving collision
(UK Reuters) 21/03/2018


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