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Marcus Cauchi

Sandler Sales Trainer


Specialises in: Marcus Cauchi helps turn around sales. Engaging, challenging and uncomfortable, he leaves his audience saying, “I never saw it that way before”. A 10 year veteran of the Sandler Selling System®, he teaches Entrepreneurs and CEOs why salespeople fail and what to do to fix those problems forever. The 2 highest hidden costs in any company are wrong hires and the hidden costs of selling.

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Author: Marcus Cauchi | Date: 12/5/16 | Category: Events, Fire and Security, Medical, Technology
true cost of wrong hire

Frankly, I'm staggered by the number of business owners and hiring managers who complain about their salespeople ... when they were usually the fools who hired them in the first place. Bad salespeople in your organisation are a symptom of management problems; bad management is the primary cause, and the problems start with bad recruitment. And bad recruitment is heart-stoppingly expensive. Read on and discover why a bad sales hire can cost you as much as 30 to 125 times the basic salary you pay the salesperson who doesn't work out in your role. I'm not even going to trouble you with the calculation of what a bad sales management hire can cost you. I repeat, 30 to 125 times base...

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