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How to Get the Best Out of Networking : Workshop with Merton Chamber

Technology | Chloe Pearson | 28/9/17

networking workshop

This week, we were joined in the Eligo office by Raymond Kinsella from the Merton Chamber of Commerce to talk all things networking and how to get the best from events and meetups.

Ray gave some excellent advice, including the secret that you don’t have to be an extrovert to be good at or enjoy networking at events! If you are an introvert in nature, so long as you are open and friendly you are bound to get the best from networking by following a few simple tips.

Follow these top networking tips to get the most from your next event or meetup;

  • Always arrive early! The very beginning of an event is the perfect time to arrive; there are fewer people around so it is easier to engage in conversation without being interrupted and it’s likely that everyone else is looking for someone to talk to as the room fills. It also gives you the opportunity to make connections early in the evening and can help you to leverage meeting other new people throughout the event.
  • Take note of body language. When looking for who to approach with conversation, look out for friendly faces! It’s also easier to approach smaller groups, if two people are in conversation, take note of their body language; if they are not stood facing each other and are facing outwards they are open to others joining the conversation.
  • Do your research. Doing in-depth research before attending the event can make it easier to talk with people when you are there, from finding out the topic/theme of the event to possible attendees.
  • Create a good impression. By smiling, making yourself friendly and open to a conversation you instantly create a good impression. Remember the ‘elevator pitch’ method when talking about yourself and what you do fits into 7 seconds and always adapt your speech to the individual; If they are quiet and unresponsive, ask them questions and listen.
  • Take notes, always follow up. Take notes of who you have met, and who you gave your information/business card to. Remember the small personal details that you connect with them on, from their favourite football team to their favourite place to go on holiday. If you made good connections at your event, follow up with them soon after, don’t leave it too late.
  • Final and best advice – BE YOURSELF!

Eligo attends industry events on a regular basis around the year and we are always looking to attend new events as well as being open to expanding our networking knowledge and skill.

Networking at events and meetups are a great way create new relationships and even if you don’t get a chance to make connections at events, it’s always a great opportunity to expand on knowledge of the sector and keep up with current trends and changes in the industry.

The workshop was a part of our ongoing training and insight programme at Eligo and gave consultants from all sectors across Medical, Technology, Fire & Security and SAP, great advice for how to get the best out of networking at events.

Following the workshop we will be attending the following upcoming events;

  • Best Practice Show – 18 – 19th October – NEC Birmingham 
  • Wimbledon Young Professionals Group – 19th of October – SMASH Wimbledon
  • London Perl Workshop – 25th November – Westminster University 

Let us know if you are attending, we’d love to have a chat!

It’s an exciting time for Eligo, do you want to be a part of it? We’re currently looking for IT Contract Recruiting Manager, Recruitment Consultant SAP, Medical Recruitment Consultant (Primary Care), and Technical Recruitment Consultant to join the Eligo team. 

Alternatively, if you’re a business who needs help finding the right role, we can help, feel free to contact by email on Rick@eligo.co.uk or call 0208 944 4180

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