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Jason Minet

Jason Minet

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Jason Minet

Finance Executive

Specialised in:

All things finance and accountancy

Background and experience:

I have always worked in support roles - Operations/ Project Management – Finance - Administration support. I started my working career in Advertising (Outdoor Billboards) where I did everything from Administration support up to London Buying Manager for a major Media agency. I spent approx. 22 years in this industry. After being made redundant at the back end of 2009, I decided to try something new. Ended up working for a finance consultancy firm, where I found my love of all things finance. Decided to up my skills and knowledge doing self-study AAT and here I am.

I have worked before in a recruitment company in Manchester 8 years previously and I find the recruitment industry very fast paced; and I enjoy the fact you see a lot of changes, especially in the sales end of the business.

I guess what I like the most and I notice it a lot at Eligo, is that recruitment people understand that this is just the job and that we all have lives and dreams outside of work and our peers are willing to support us. As I have got older I guess I have tried not to take things too personal, but to listen, learn and question when need be, but most importantly, enjoy what I do for a living.

I bet you didn’t know…

I was very sporty in my younger days and used to be a personal trainer. I also used to play table tennis for my local borough.