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Jaimie Dickson-Davies

Jaimie Dickson-Davies

Principal Consultant

Specialised in

Lead Consultant Partnering with IT & Engineering businesses connecting them with the best talent in the market - Sales, Business Development, Account Management, Sales Support, Marketing, Technical Support, Engineering, Product Development/Management, Client Services & Customer Success talent. 


Experience and background

A dedicated and seasoned Recruiter with over 12 years of experience. I thrive on connecting the best talent in the market not just on the market. I specialise in working with businesses that have technology, innovation, and engineering at the heart of their product or service. Partnering with tech product owners, software companies, manufacturers, distributors & consultancies, across the full range of Sales, Business Development, Account Management, Marketing, Engineering, Technical Support, Product Management, Product Development, Customer Success, and Client Services roles. 

I am ex-Armed Forces, I started out as a baby Electrical and Mechanical Engineer in the Royal Navy sailing the seven seas on a big grey warship operating and fixing radars and gunnery equipment, oh and jumping out of helicopters (yes, I really am this awesome). I am also a mum, a wife and a blogger and an all-around clean-living (sometimes), hardworking member of the human race. I am passionate about my job and love listening to my clients and candidates, providing real career consultancy, to partner with and growing with them.


I bet you didn’t know

I have sailed through the ‘Bermuda Triangle' several times without disappearing into the murky depths, also shot at a shark, and missed of course with a SA 80 machine gun during deployment in the West Indies.