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Atif Ahmad

Atif Ahmad

Senior Medical Recruiter

Specialised in:

Recruitment for locum & salaried GP, ANP, NP, Practice Nurse & Health Care Assistant jobs

Background and experience:

Working since the age of 16 I have gathered a variety of diverse experience. Coming from predominantly an estate agency background I have helped people in climbing the property ladder and getting a home. I have spent the majority of my career in recruitment and continued to develop a wide-range of skills within it.

Ultimately, I know how to find people the best job for their needs and take the time to understand what it takes to do this first and foremost! Making a difference in people’s lives gives a great personal satisfaction to me.

At first, my passion was to get them their first home, and now it is to get them a dream job. Essentially presenting an opportunity they were too scared or afraid to get themselves.

I bet you didn’t know…

When it comes to Pokemon (cards); I caught them all.