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My first tech conference : London Perl Workshop 2017

Technology | Thomas Waddle | 29/11/17

London Perl Workshop 2017

This Saturday I attended my first ever Perl community conference and my first tech event with Eligo! The London Perl Workshop, held at the University of Westminster, is in its 11th year and this year I was lucky enough to go along with Rick and represent the Eligo technology team as sponsors of the event.

For me, one of the best things about the weekend was being able to finally get involved in the Perl community. Although there are a number of Perl developers whom I have spoken with and worked alongside in the past, I had not been able to actually attend a Perl conference.

This left me feeling like I was missing out on a major part of what makes Perl such a great language – community. From being able to put new faces to familiar voices, to meeting and chatting with people who share the same love of Perl as we do, it was brilliant to be able to join in with a group dedicated to helping each other and exploring new horizons with this much-loved language.

From attending the Perl conference to speaking with developers over the phone I have come to realise that Perl community is not only one of the most close-knit, but also one of the most open. During the London Perl Workshop on Saturday, myself and resident Perl recruiter Rick enjoyed catching up with old faces as well as meeting new people who were looking for Perl Developers, Perl jobs and advice about the Perl jobs market.

LPW 2017 stand

(Can you spot the Perl camel?)

Though I am not a developer myself, having done no more than dabbling in coding, the people I met whether junior developers or leading names in the Perl community were happy to chat with me, giving me explanations of the projects they were involved in and the challenges they were facing in terms that I could understand.

This openness is likely one of the reasons why there were quite a few people at LPW looking to further get involved in the Perl language and having heard great things about the community and getting a chance to experience it first-hand, I would have to say they were making the right choice!

No matter what surveys tell you about Perl being the “most hated development language” or anything similar to that, LPW showed me that not only is it much treasured by a number of great people, but it is thriving as well with a number of Perl jobs becoming regularly available.

This new interest in the Perl market by other developers also shows the ongoing support for the Perl community and that the Perl jobs market is still growing. From the further developments to Perl 6, to the recent release of Dancer2, and not to mention the number of companies working on interesting projects with Perl, it certainly is a great programme to be involved with.

With LPW 2017 done and dusted, we are looking forward to next year’s Perl conference, I hope to see you there!

If you interested in hearing more about the Perl community, Perl jobs and the Perl jobs market we can help! Be sure to get in touch with rick@eligo.co.uk or call 020 8944 4187. You can also view our latest Perl jobs available on our website.

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