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Fire & Security Industry news round up 12/05/2017

Fire and Security | Jacob Sanders | 12/5/17

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This week in our Fire & Security industry news round-up we cover trends in video surveillance cameras market, a growth of fire protection systems, a success fingerprint technology within biometrics market and more.




Promising growth forecast for Fire Protection  Systems market

Promising growth forecast for Fire Protection Systems market in our Fire & Security Industry News Roundup 12/05/2017According to the latest report published Marketsandmarkets the Fire Protection Systems market is expected to grow from USD 52.19 Billion in 2016 to USD 93.46 billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 9.7% between 2017 and 2022. The demand for fire protection systems is driven by the increase in fire-related spending by a number of enterprises and SMEs across the globe. The commercial vertical is expected to hold the largest share of the market by 2022 with North America being the leading region.

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(Security World Hotel, 11/05/2017)

The success of fingerprint technology within biometrics

Latest reports Techsci Research & Technavio predict an impressive growth of biometrics market where fingerprint recognition technology holds the largest single factor authentication segment The success of fingerprint technology within biometrics in our Fire & Security Industry News Roundup 12/05/2017and is predicted to continue to hold this pole position for the foreseeable future.  “The primary reason for this is that fingerprint recognition systems can provide a bigger return on your investment. Cheaper, more traditional alternatives such as numeric keypads or magnetic swipe cards have fundamental potential security flaws, which biometrics can hugely reduce.”

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(Security World Hotel, 11/05/2017)

Video surveillance camera trends

Video surveillance camera trends in our Fire & Security Industry News Roundup 12/05/2017The capabilities of cameras are certainly on the rise with ‘system-on-a-chip’ architecture allowing video analytics at the edge, improved sensors supporting ever higher resolutions, and smarter compression techniques helping to ensure that the growing weight of data being generated can be transmitted, efficiently, and effectively. Security industry specialist discusses the latest developments in video surveillance technology; finds out what is making waves in the world of video surveillance cameras, from the race for more pixels to the cybersecurity of the cameras themselves.

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(Security News Desk, 10/05/2017)

Smart Building Cyber Security to hit $8.65b by 2021

Memoori has just published a research on Cyber Security Hardware, Software & Services in Commercial Buildings where they estimated that global revenues for smart building cyber security will Smart Building Cyber Security to hit $8.65 by 2021 in our Fire & Security Industry News Roundup 12/05/2017reach $8.65 billion by 2021, up from an estimated $4.26 billion in 2016, which represents a healthy CAGR of over 15% during the forecast period. The increased proliferation of smart devices, combined with persistent concerns over cyber risk and data privacy and an increased incidence of cyber attacks against smart buildings will drive a significant increase in demand for new cyber security hardware, software and services in the market.

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(Memoori, 10/05/2017)

Midsized businesses more at risk of cyber attack

Midsized businesses more at risk of cyber attack in our Fire & Security Industry News Roundup 12/05/2017“Cyber criminals are attracted to easy targets because they are low risk, high reward, and require little effort to execute. However, available evidence suggests that the majority of opportunistic cyber attacks against mid-sized businesses can be prevented by applying basic best practice security principles.” Cyber criminals are moving away from sophisticated malicious code attacks, with the majority of attackers preferring inexpensive and automated methods of intrusions, exploiting ‘low hanging fruit’ (representing almost 30% of all observed events). This trend is expected to continue so long as these techniques are successful.

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(Security World Hotel, 11/05/2017)



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