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Fire & Security Industry News Round-up 09/06/17

Fire and Security | Karolina Samsel | 9/6/17

Fire & Security London agency : industry News



This week in our Fire & Security industry news round-up we cover the upcoming IFSEC conference and its Top 50 Industry Influencers list, law enforcement’s increasing use of automatic facial recognition and more…



IFSEC 2017 – security industry top influencers

IFSEC 2017 - security industry top influencers in our Fire & Security industry news 09/06/2017Less than 2 weeks left till IFSEC 2017! After extensive consultation with a panel of judges from across the industry, the IFSEC Global team have revealed the Top 50 influencers in security & fire 2017: security manufacturers/service providers. You can meet and greet with some of the influencers over drinks at IFSEC International 2017, held in association with the BSIA, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Number 1 on the list is…

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(IFSEC Global, 06/06/2017)

The key to success for Smart Buildings

“Workplace strategy needs to be about more than just driving down costs and maximizing the utilization of assets: it must be about enabling productivity and collaboration”. The concept of theThe key to success for Smart Buildings in our Fire & Security Industry news roundup 09/06/2017 smart building is certainly, at least, 25 years old, many would suggest its origins lie in the 1980s, more than 30 years ago, some even claim it is an idea that first emerged in the 1960s. Yet here we are in 2017, being critical of our few truly smart buildings, debating which standards to use and still wondering which applications should take priority.

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(Memoori, 06/06/2017)

UK police using automatic facial recognition

UK police is successfully using automatic facial recognition in our Fire & Security Industry News roundup 09/06/2017Police in South Wales has used automatic facial recognition (AFR) software to identify a suspect and subsequently arrest him, making this the first arrest aided by this technology in the UK. The man was spotted by a camera in a police surveillance van, and then his face was found in the database linked to 500,000 mugshots. Despite the success, law enforcement’s increasing use of facial recognition has been controversial…

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(Slate Magazine, 06/06/2017)

Meet us IFSEC 2017

Europe’s biggest security show is back in town and we’re excited to be exhibiting again at IFSEC International discussing current activity and providing our insight into the Security and Fire recruitment market. Over 27,000 global security professionals will visit IFSEC 2017 to experience the latest technology innovations and hear from industry leaders. It’s a great opportunity to grow your network, test and trial new security and fire products and develop your knowledge and learn a new skill by attending seminars & workshops.

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If you’re attending and would like to catch up please click below to let us know a good time to catch up and the best number to reach you on, or get in touch. Looking forward to it!

ELIGO Fire & Security at IFSEC 2017



Our weekly fire and security news round-up regularly feature supplier news, product launches, events, our own articles, and much more. Check back each week to catch up on the industry news affecting the fire & security sector collated by our team of fire & security recruiters.

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