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Fire & Security Industry news round up 21/04/2017

Fire and Security | Ellen Ashby | 21/4/17

Eligo Security recruitment consultantancy : Weekly News Roundup



This week in our Fire & Security industry news round-up we cover the future of video analytics, challenges of smart cities, Middle East commercial security market growth and more…



The future of video analytics

The future of video analytics in our Fire & Security Industry News 21/04/2017According to IHS Markit, 2017 will be a step up for video analytics market. It has been growing consistently although not developing as fast as expected and has faced challenges such as causing too many false alarms. Now deep learning, big data analysis and high-performance computing are going to be playing the main role in the video analytics market growth. In the dawn of video analysis, server-based analytics was the preferred way of conducting the analysis. However, during the last couple of years, camera-based video analytics at the edge has increased.

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(Security World Hotel, 15/04/2017)

Parents Guide to Keeping Your Child Safe at College/University

Campus Safety has published an e-book covering student safety, sexual assault, active shooter response, emergency notification, lockdown, mental health and more. The guide is Parents Guide to Keeping Your Child Safe at University & College in our Fire & Security Industry News 21/04/2017designed to help parents and their children evaluate a college/university to determine if it devotes as much thought and attention to student safety as they do. Also included are safety tips every student needs to know so that parents can discuss them with their college-bound children before they head off to school.

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(Security Sales & Integration, 20/04/2017)

Smart cities challenged by cyber attacks

Smart cities challenged by cyber attacks in our Fire & Security Industry News 21/04/2017President of Euralarm expresses his worries about the huge challenge that smart cities are facing. As more and more devices are being connected to the internet, he stresses that cyber security is a big risk for smart cities. “This is one of the biggest challenges we have, not only in smart cities but everywhere. The hackers do not sleep, but I am confident that if we take the cyber security part and the physical security part into account, we can manage this in a proper way.”

Watch the interview here.

(Security World Hotel)

Middle East Commercial Security Market growth

The latest report published by Frost & Sullivan, the commercial security market in the Middle East is predicted to expect double-digit growth by 2021, driven by increased investments Middle East Commercial Security Market growth in our Fire & Security Industry News 21/04/2017and stringent regulatory policies. The demand for sophisticated security systems has seen an upswing, creating growth opportunities throughout the ecosystem. Among the commercial security end-user sectors, hospitality is likely to experience the highest growth followed by commercial buildings.

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(PRNewswire, 19/04/2017)

Marijuana Dispensary Security? Success in a niche market

Marijuana Dispensary Security? Success in a niche market in our Fire & Security Industry News 21/04/2017Derek Porter & David Beckett started their company in December 2012 purely as a consulting business. In a very niche market. The idea was to advise the newly legalized cannabis industry in Colorado on security matters. The cannabis industry is unique because many banks refuse to finance these endeavors, forcing the proprietors to deal strictly in cash with customers and vendors.

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(Security Sales & Integration, 20/04/2017)


Our weekly fire and security news round-up regularly feature supplier news, product launches, events, our own articles, and much more. Check back each week to catch up on the industry news affecting the fire & security sector collated by our team of fire & security recruiters.

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