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Fire & Security Industry news round up 14/10/2016

Fire and Security | Karolina Samsel | 14/10/16

Featuring supplier news, product launches, events, our own articles, and more, read our Fire & Security industry news round-up for the week ending 14/10/16


Fire & Security industry news round-up for the week ending 14 October 2016


The future and the past of home security.

The future and past of home security in our Fire & Security Industry newsThe Office for National Statistics’ latest report shows that the number of burglaries in 2015 have dropped by 33% comparing to the same period 10 years earlier and by 70% comparing to statistics from 1995. The study shows that the UK unfortunately still experience 1,100 burglaries per day, with the average burglary costing £3,600 per incident! How did we protect our homes back in the day and how to do it now?

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(IFSEC Global, 13/10/2016)

Access Control Market is evolving – fast

2016 shows a 6% raise in n that the number of commercial properties using a wireless or hybridAccess Control Market in our Fire & Security industry news wired/wireless access system according to a recent survey conducted by Assa Abloy. Additionally, wireless locks are considered to be a cost-effective alternative to wired access control by 69% of respondents. “Wireless locks are often specially designed for integration with other systems. The integration capabilities and ease of use can be a significant benefit” says industry expert.

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(Security World Hotel, 11/10/2016)

Security in the built environment

Security In the built environment in our Fire & Security Industry news

The threat of terrorism or cyber attacks targeted at society has made end users and a range of professionals involved in the design, procurement and management of buildings and infrastructure ask many more security related questions. Should we install CCTV, fences or deploy additional guards? Do we need to invest more in security? These questions and more are answered by industry specialist who presents an insight on the security performance in the built environment.

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(Professional Security Magazine, 14/10/2016)

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