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Fire & Security Industry News Round-up 12/08/16

Fire and Security | Akeim Morgan | 12/8/16

Featuring supplier news, product launches, events, our own articles, and more, read our Fire & Security industry news round-up for the week ending 12/08/16


Fire & Security industry news round-up for the week ending 12 August 2016



Continued potential for outside investments in physical security

physical security investmentWith a mass of mergers and acquisitions with the Security market over the past couple of years, driven by factors including product commoditization, competition with Chinese companies, and pricing pressure, asmag.com looks at the opportunities in the Physical Security market for investment including the increased importance of IoT technologies.

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(asmag.com, 01/08/2016)

Physical Security, IoT & The Role of Open Standards

memoori security news roundupAs the Internet of Things begins to become a reality, serious concerns about the security of information and physical structures are being raised. Memoori hosts a Q&A webinar with Per Björkdahl, Chairman of the ONVIF steering committee and strategies, future developments, and approaches to the rapidly changing physical security market.

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(Memoori, 17/08/2016)

Integrating building automation and physical access control

Security systems integration news roundup

There are big benefits to connecting building and security systems, with customer requests for automation becoming more common in recent years for a variety of reasons. The usage of building automation cuts costs as such being able to control all functions including security in a single interface has huge possibilites.

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(Security Sales, 12/08/2016)

Top 10 Surveillance Videos of the Week! 

Batman-CCTVOne for Friday. Whilst serving their purpose for security, CCTV and Surveillance footage also provides a wealth of interesting footage. The top 10 videos this week include a woman giving birth in a lobby and a man stealing a jeep using a laptop.

Read more here.

(Security Sales, 08/08/2016)

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