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Lead Recruitment Consultant

  • JOB CODE: LR-12
  • JOB TYPE: Permanent
  • SALARY/RATE: £40,000 - £55,000 per annum
  • LOCATION: London
  • BENEFITS: £100k+ OTE, Duvet Days, Incentives

What is it you love about recruitment?

The money can be great, there's a certain thrill to the chase and place, and you're in control of your own destiny, right?

You know it could still be better though.

Billing 6 figures every 6 months it's clear that you're good enough; I'd wager you're just as ambitious too.

You've been doing it for more than 3 years; you don't need management breathing over your shoulder KPI'ing this and KPI'ing that, and you most definitely deserve and want more.

More means having a resourcer to help continue to grow your successes.

More means having free rein to target who you want, where you want; no restrictions.

More means taking your craft to the next level with a dedicated marketing team, freedom to exhibit and attend leading industry events, and an open door to talk through your next idea to make recruitment better.

Right now? You're probably being told less it more, to carry on smashing the phones, to dream big whilst standing still.


Maybe you'll get a promotion in nothing but name. Maybe a little bump on the basic. It's not more though is it? It's not the better you're working towards.

Here's our better

Come and work for us and love recruitment at Eligo.

We started the company in 2001 after we asked ourselves what is it you love about recruitment?

It turned out we loved a lot, especially the part about being in control of our own destiny, we just didn't love the boiler room atmosphere we were doing it in. So we started a company where we, and our staff, would enjoy coming to work, love recruitment, and ultimately, continue to progress and keep on achieving more.

Now, with a successful couple of years behind us and ever-growing markets ahead, we're expanding and we want you to be at the forefront of that.

You'll be a lead consultant running your own desk according to your own business plan. You'll have a resourcer. You'll have a support team. You'll have free rein to do it the way you feel best.

In fact, if you have any idea to grow your future, your desk, your successes, and can show us your plan to make it work, we'll run with that too.

We believe that with our support you'll continue to bill more, continue to do better.

What do you think?

Most people are happy in their current role, you probably are too. But there's a lot of things you'd probably be happy with if you hadn't experienced better. Think of that first ice cold pint, condensation dripping down the glass, froth lingering on your lips. A glass of squash just doesn't cut it after that, does it?

Speaking of beer, there are a couple more perks to the job too. We've got duvet days, 5-a-side, incentive trips (15 of us have just come back from Marbs), a tipple or two on Fridays.

Of course, there's always an element of risk to changing jobs, but we're guessing that risk and the thrill of it is part of why you're in recruitment. We get it though, so we can discuss guarantee'ing your billings whilst you build your desk.

There's always more we want to share but we can save that for meeting you. If opportunities like this are why you love recruitment then get in touch or apply now for a confidential discussion.

We're looking forward to hearing from you.

Call 0208 944 4182 or Email john@eligo.co.uk

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