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JavaScript Developer

  • JOB CODE: J15612
  • JOB TYPE: Permanent
  • SALARY/RATE: £50,000 - £70,000 per annum
  • LOCATION: London
  • BENEFITS: Holidays, equity & more

You're a JavaScript developer. There isn't much about Node that you don't know. Mobile and web apps are your bread and butter, with React Native being the filling of this metaphorical sandwich. You're looking for a role that will allow you to join a company actively changing things, and are longing to utilise your JavaScript knowledge on a worthwhile project.

Let's get you what you deserve.

Join a start-up that are literally changing the way that companies access your personal data. As they grow their development are, they need someone like you to flex their JavaScript muscle- someone with strong, proven experience of full-stack JavaScript development, someone who is an expert in Node and React Native, someone who can produce results and get things done.

This is a company with a real technical vibe- they love people with new ideas, who can take existing projects and deliver key new features, or get involved in new products from the very initial concept phase and see it all the way through to release. Strong JavaScript experience is essential to them, as their entire development revolves around those with a strong core of knowledge in that area.

The details…

  • Join a growing start-up that are changing their market, using your JavaScript knowledge to work full-stack on their mobile app and drive forward development- Node, React Native, AWS and Docker will all be parts of your day-to-day
  • This company needs to see proven experience of getting things done and delivering projects- it doesn't matter your background, as long as you can describe in detail projects you have taken control of and produced tangible results!
  • In return, you'll not only join a fantastic, driven company, but you'll as earn a sizable salary and be part of making data control better for everyone!

Call 0208 944 4180 or Email thomasw@eligo.co.uk

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