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Eligo IQ - The Intelligent Selection Process

Eligo are excited to offer Eligo IQ as part of our core recruitment services to all our existing and new clients

What is Eligo IQ and how does it work?


"The most important recruitment innovation in 20 years"

What are the benefits of Eligo IQ?

Cutting Edge Behavioural Assessment
  • McQuaig Institute profiling
  • Candidate behavioural & key competency assessment
  • Scientific, collaborative Job Spec creation
  • Video interviewing
Save time & get it right
  • Collaboration & review from all Managers & Directors
  • Online portal with access 24/7 around the globe
  • Conduct fewer interviews
  • Prevent the wrong hire
Unrivalled Retention
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • 96% are still in their job 12 months later
  • Candidates have a positive company experience throughout
  • Realistic expectations on both sides from the start
Brand Protection
  • Candidates are more involved in the process
  • Consistent and professional representation of employer brand
  • All candidates have a positive experience with your company
  • The right person is more likely to accept an offer

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