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Author: Vicky Bodhani | Date: 5/12/18 | Category: Advice
Survive the office christmas party

  The festive season has finally arrived! With it brings fun and a chance to let your hair down, but when mixing work and pleasure it can be easy to say and do things that can affect how you are perceived by your colleagues. In the world of recruitment, we often have clients that intentionally push for a new employee to start in time for the Christmas party because it can be a great way to get to know the team. We are always very clear with our advice to our candidates, have fun, be yourself but keep it professional. It is never good to be the person everyone is talking about the next day, but when you are on probation it could have even more serious consequences. So to...

Author: Chloe Pearson | Date: 4/12/18 | Category: Advice, Eligo News
Eligo Christmas Countdown

    It’s that time of year again where we count down to the BIG DAY of bad cracker jokes, family fun, Brussel sprouts and a festive tipple or two!🥂 In the festive spirit of the season, we’re counting down the days to Christmas with our consultants sharing some top tips to give you advice now, during the Christmas period and to help you get a better career in the new year! As well as a favourite Christmas Cracker joke!✨           DAY 1 🎄🎁 Business Support Specialist, Karolina Samsel  “With Christmas party season upon us my top tip to making sure your career survives after the festive fun – make sure you...

Author: Chloe Pearson | Date: 13/11/18 | Category: Advice
10 Top cities to find a job in right now

    The post-summer blues and impending cold weather can leave many professionals facing a slump. As a result, now is often a popular time of year for workers to reignite their job search and consider a career change. If this sounds like you, we’ve got good news! The latest data from CV-Library reveals that the number of advertised jobs increased by 5.1% last month. So, now is the perfect time to change things up with a new role. If you’re looking for your next opportunity, check out our guide of the 10 top cities for finding a job right now.     1.     Glasgow First on our list, with jobs up by a staggering 23.2%, is Scotland’s biggest...

Author: Jacob Sanders | Date: 25/10/18 | Category: Advice
interview horror stories

A man was travelling on the London Underground to his job interview one morning when another commuter blocked his way. The man reacted with a push and shove and a little explicit outburst. Upon arriving at his interview, the interviewer - a little shocked - hinted that they had previously met, before it finally clicked to the man that it had been the interviewer he had sworn at on the tube that same morning. Understandably travelling to job interviews having to conquer the rush hour tube isn’t always the most stress-free activity. However when interviewing it always pays to be prepared before, during, and after the interview, even when you’re not on the premises, to ensure that you...

Author: Chloe Pearson | Date: 10/10/18 | Category: Advice, Uncategorized
reduce stress at work

The main contributor for mental illness in the workplace is something we have all suffered from time to time. It appears when you’re up to your eyeballs in tasks and that all important deadline is hanging over your head. It’s there when your overwhelming to-do list just keeps getting longer and longer without ever being able to cross tasks off, and it rears its head with the inevitable fear of making mistakes in a new role. You guessed it, STRESS! Mental health is the number one cause for sickness absence at work and one-fifth of workers believe that ‘powering through’ stress is part of organisational culture. Pushing aside and ignoring stress on a regular basis is not only bad...

Author: Akeim Morgan | Date: 26/7/18 | Category: Advice, Events, Fire and Security, Medical, Technology
recruitment costs graph

Do you know how much your company loses from the departure of an employee? Do you know the recruitment costs to hire a replacement? How about the recruitment cost of hiring the wrong replacement? Calculating these costs isn’t simple; you have to look at a number of factors including reduced productivity, angry customers, and lost investment. Of course these aren’t specifically monetary values either. Regardless, these headaches can eventually prove costly both in time and expense. This is especially true in the hiring of a wrong candidate in the market I specialise in – Fire & Security Recruitment – where there is currently a large skills shortage.  Wrong decisions can...

Author: Chloe Pearson | Date: 9/4/18 | Category: Advice
2018 job hunting guide - free download

Job hunting can be a different experience for everyone and it can be exciting, terrifying, and stressful in equal measure. There are questions such as what you should ask in an interview, to make decisions around handing in your notice at your current job to consider, as well as the inevitable update of the CV. All in all, finding the right new job is one of the hardest things to achieve, which is why we wanted to put all of our expertise and knowledge of the job hunting process into a handy job hunting guide to not only make life easier but make sure you land your dream job. From working with your recruiter and perfecting your CV to interview preparation and making tricky decisions...

Author: Chloe Pearson | Date: 6/3/18 | Category: Advice
New start-up visas to bring top global talent to London’s tech scene

Moving abroad for work can bring with it a whirlwind of emotions: excitement, stress, joy and fear. Landing a new job and upping sticks across the globe can be tricky and in order for you to settle down into your new job and place of residence without any hiccups, there are a few things to tick off your working abroad checklist.   Get to grips with the culture Every country conducts business slightly differently and you’d be surprised at the alteration between countries, provinces or states work-life balance. Some countries are more formal in their approach to business than others, whereas some can be laidback. But with these differences comes a chance to interact with new...

Author: Chloe Pearson | Date: 14/2/18 | Category: Advice
Warning signs it’s time to break up with your job

Relationships have good days and bad days. It started out all rosy. For the first 3-6 months, everything in your eyes was PERFECT and you wanted to shout it from the rooftops. But often after a long period of time, you just aren’t getting out what you put in. Most people find it difficult to break up from their job and current company, fearing that whatever is on the other side might not be as green as they say. If you’re feeling conflicted about saying goodbye to your current role, then the first step is to check these warning signs that it’s time to break up with your job.   You’re not getting out what you put in… you’re stressed, tired and burning out...

Author: Jacob Sanders | Date: 1/1/18 | Category: Advice
find a new job 2016 eligo

January’s a prime time for cliché, ushering in the New Year, new me, new job phase. But at the end of the day, it is a great time for re-evaluation and to kick start yourself into a place where you’d like to be before the next year has rolled around and you're wondering just why the hell you’re still in the same place for yet another year. Whilst the job market is active throughout the year, January is the busiest month for job hunters, and a large number of employers are also assessing their options for the year ahead and looking to hire during this period. So leave the cliché’s behind, and let us give you our top tips on how to find a new job and advance your career this...

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