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Building Services Industry February News Update – Issue #2

Fire and Security, Uncategorized | Karolina Samsel | 1/3/19

Building Services February 2019 News Round Up including latest Fire & Security and Lighting industry updates presented by our Fire & Security and Lighting Recruitment specialists




In our February Building Services news update, we cover the predicted growth of the physical security market, the debate of sprinklers as mandatory in public spaces and the rise of low light surveillance. In lighting news, IoT is changing the face of the industry, Biodynamic lighting is misunderstood and studies show lighting is proven to have an impact on employee productivity.





Fire & Security

Physical security market to grow 40% by 2023

The latest research from Marketsandmarkets predicts that the physical security market will grow from USD 84.1 billion in 2018 to USD 119.4 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 7.3% during the forecast period. The market growth is mostly driven by the rise in incidents of terror attacks, technological advancements and deployment of wireless technology in security systems, increasing use of Internet Protocol (IP)-based cameras for video surveillance, implementation of mobile-based access control, and adoption of Internet of Things (IoT)-based security systems with cloud computing platforms.

Read more here (Security World Market)

Sprinklers are not a luxury, they should be made mandatory

Only two out of 15 of new tower blocks in London had sprinklers installed during spot checks made on developments for which planning applications were made in 2016. The London Fire Brigade (LFB) is urging the government to make the installation of sprinklers mandatory on all new-build residential developments – whatever their height. At present sprinklers are only a legal requirement in England in new residential blocks taller than 30 metres. “Sprinklers save lives, they’re not a luxury,” said LFB Commissioner Dany Cotton. “We think they’re essential in every high-rise building, and in places where our most vulnerable residents live – places like care homes.

Read more here (IFSEC Global)

Importance of Airport Access Control integration with other security systems

While access control plays an important part in airport security, integration with other systems, especially video, is key to producing the results operators need to secure their facilities. “Your access control platform should seamlessly integrate time and attendance, ID badging, fire alarm, video, public address, intercom and intrusion. Access control should also integrate to Active Directory and provide LDAP and role-based access control for the organization”. By combining ‘systems intelligence’ (security) and ‘human intelligence’ (communications), you dramatically increase users’ situational awareness with unparalleled capabilities to detect and respond to unfolding events in real-time.

Read more here (asMag.com)

Low-light surveillance is booming

A recent report produced by IHS Markit predicts that the number of video surveillance cameras equipped with advanced low-light functionality is set to soar over the next 4 years. Estimated that in 2015 there were approximately 4.75 million of these types of cameras delivered to the market but in 2022 this number is projected to increase to about 51 million. Through economies of scale and increased competition, the price of these cameras is likely to gradually reduce. This will make them affordable for virtually any video surveillance project and thus fuel the growth in the number of them deployed.

Read more here (Security World Market)

Transforming in-store shopping experience with intelligent video solutions

One challenge that retailers often face is not having a way to collect accurate data and visualize it intelligently in order to make smarter business decisions about the shop floor, however, reorganizing store layout and installing additional equipment is not a realistic option. In these circumstances, an effective solution could be artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning. Together, these cutting-edge technologies create a video surveillance offering that can give retailers valuable insight into real-time operating conditions, to boost customer service and in-store competitive advantage. Intelligent video technologies can be applied to retail in a multitude of ways.

Read more here (a&s Magazine)




Biodynamic lighting misunderstood

Biodynamic lighting is a technical method of achieving the biological effects of daylight in an artificial lighting environment. According to industry specialist, biodynamic lighting is ‘very misunderstood’ in the UK compared to continental Europe. A lot of manufacturers are describing human-centric lighting as biodynamic lighting so there’s just too much confusion. Live events can help clients and specifiers connect with lighting. ‘It’s very important that people actually get to see [biodynamic lighting] in the flesh.  Most of our products are very technologically based and very light quality based. So it’s not really something that you can pick up from a catalogue or a website.

Read more here (Lux Review)

IoT is changing the Lighting industry

The potential role of connecting lighting for the Internet of Things is enormous, and we’re now only just scratching the surface. Performance data from light points and particularly making use of information collected from sensors embedded in lighting fixtures – will be a big development for the industry this year and beyond. The IoT is helping provide invaluable insight to help improve efficiencies and experiences, by collecting information from sensors within light points which can be used with other devices and apps. In the future, the value of the data collected by light fixtures may even exceed the worth of the illumination itself.

Read more here A1 Lighting

Research issues within a lighting industry

When one talks about architectural lighting, it’s more often than not about the design aspect of the profession or the projects of leading firms. What often goes overlooked is the driver behind lighting advancements: research. Even with newfound research areas attracting more interest, the lighting design profession remains small—and the research constituency within even smaller. One long-standing vehicle for disseminating the latest in lighting research is lighting journals, such as Lighting Research & Technology, in the United Kingdom, and the aforementioned Leukos.

Read more here (Architectural Lighting)

Employees confirm that lighting affects their productivity

BIQ (Building in Quality) Quality Tracker created to end spec-breaking

In the lighting industry, manufacturers and designers are becoming increasingly concerned about contractors ignoring specifications and substituting cheaper products in the name of value engineering. A solution to spec-breaking on building projects is being trialled in the UK, which it is hoped can help prevent quality lighting products from being rejected in favour of cheap alternatives. The BIQ (Building in Quality) Quality Tracker has been created jointly by the bodies representing architects, builders and surveyors, in an effort to make sure that those involved in a construction project get together and agree quality requirements at the start.
Read more here (Lux Review)


Industry Events

Eligo at ST19 Midlands

We were excited to be exhibiting again at Security Twenty 19 Midlands that took place last week, discussing current activity and providing our insight into the Security & Fire recruitment market. The first Security TWENTY event of 2019 took place at a new venue, the Hilton Metropole by the lake at the Birmingham NEC. As ever, heads and tails game and the raffle raised cash for a local good cause, in Midlands’s case for DKMS which is a non-profit organisation that works to raise awareness of the need for donors for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, which people with blood cancers need for treatment.

Read more here  (Professional Security Magazine)

Eligo Fire & Security Recruitment at Security Twenty 19 event in Birmingham

IFSEC International joins forces with Security & Counter Terror Expo for 2020

We are counting down till our next IFSEC event in 4 months, but we’ve already received exciting news about next year event. Clarion and UBM have announced that in 2020 IFSEC will move to a brand new dateline of 19 – 21 May and welcome three prestigious events alongside it at ExCeL London: Security & Counter Terror Expo (SCTX), Ambition and Forensics Europe Expo. Building on a rich history of the two exhibitions – IFSEC steeped in the trade and commercial security world and Security & Counter Terror Expo immersed in national security – the collaboration of these key events has been designed to meet the strength of demand for a central focal point for the security industry.

Read more here (IFSEC Global)

Eligo articles this month


How much do you pay when you get it wrong? Hire right and cut your recruitment costs…

Do you know how much your company loses from the departure of an employee? Do you know the recruitment costs to hire a replacement? How about the recruitment cost of hiring the wrong replacement? Calculating these costs isn’t simple; you have to look at a number of factors including reduced productivity, angry customers, and lost investment. Of course these aren’t specifically monetary values either. Regardless, these headaches can eventually prove costly both in time and expense.

How to look after your mental health when searching for a job

1 in 5 people have taken a day off due to stress, but the Mental Health Foundation has found that a whopping 90% of us feel unable to tell their employer that mental health is the reason for their absence. Despite a huge increase of awareness about mental health issues at work, there has also been an unfortunate increase in negative attitudes and stigma towards those with mental health – leading to a growing lack in confidence of employers discussing the importance of mental health with their employees. Here are some top tips on how to manage your job search and navigate the employment world when you are experiencing a period of mental ill health, and to those already employed on how to disclose you have mental ill health to your employer.




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