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5 top tips to ensure your career survives the Christmas party season

Advice | Vicky Bodhani | 11/12/15

Survive the office christmas party

The festive season is full of fun but when mixing work and pleasure it can be easy to say and do things that can affect how you are perceived by your colleagues.

In the world of recruitment we often have clients that intentionally push for a new employee to start in time for the Christmas party because it can be a great way to get to know the team. We are always very clear with our advice to our candidates, have fun, be yourself but keep it professional. It is never good to be the person everyone is talking about the next day, but when you are on probation it can have even more serious consequences.

So to ensure you career survives the Christmas party season we have got 5 top tips for you –

1.     Know your limits

You obviously want to enjoy yourself, relax and join in with your colleagues but slurring your words and spilling your drink won’t leave the best impression on your boss. It is important to remember that with every drink you will lose more inhibitions and increase the potential of behaving inappropriately, so the best way you can protect your professional image and career is to stick within your limits.

Quick Tip – Pace yourself. If you start to feel drunk, sit the next round out and have a glass of water or call a cab.

2.     Don’t get over familiar

Over familiarity can make for really cringy moments, for example when you see your MD at work, you usually give a polite nod and say “Afternoon David”, yet in the pub you suddenly think you’re best mates and proceed with a level of banter that ‘Dave’ may not appreciate. Another common faux pas on the over familiarity front, is the Christmas party romance. Regardless of whether it is a cheeky kiss or the start of a flourishing long term relationship, it is highly advisable that such romance does not start in full view of all your colleagues. This is a sure way to make yourself the topic of office gossip.

Quick Tip – Don’t try and be best buddies with people that are not your best buddies. No kissing or other extra-curricular activities!

3.     Keep it professional

There are certain things we probably do with our friends in the pub that are not appropriate with our boss. You may for example use quite colourful language with your friends and therefore naturally fall into that mode when in the pub. This may seem like a small thing but can leave a lasting impression. Other inappropriate behaviour to watch out for include; vomiting, crying, getting larey and argumentative, sexist jokes, etc.

Quick Tip – Don’t say or do what you wouldn’t say or do in the office.

4.     Make an effort

At the Christmas party you can get to know people that you otherwise would not have the opportunity to, so make the most of it. Don’t just hang out with your usual partner in crime, make an effort to do a bit of networking and even self-promotion. This sounds a bit calculated but there is nothing wrong with getting to know your colleagues, understanding what they do and promoting what you do so you can work well together in the future.

Quick Tip – Make an effort to circulate and get to know people.

5.     Be gracious

At many Christmas parties you often hear people having a moan. Don’t be that person. You may think the restaurant was a bit dingy or the wine was a bit lacking, perhaps you are disappointed that last year you were out of the office all day and this year it is just an evening event. Regardless, your employer has spent money on providing something and someone has spent time organising it, normally in addition to their usual workload.  It is easy to criticise but you never know who is listening and no one likes bad manners.

Quick Tip – Don’t moan. Say thank you to those that paid for it and organised it.

We hope you enjoy your Christmas party. If yours is particularly impressive do let us know. A good Christmas party is often a sign of a good company to work for and we are always interested to know about those.

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