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5 reasons to attend a tech Meetup

Technology | Kelvin Ubaka | 18/7/17

5 reasons to attend a tech meetup- ELIGO

To keep up with the advancements in technology and develop our career, we all need to spend some time on personal development. A great way to achieve this is through technical Meetups, which offer a great way to gain insight and knowledge about your market. But you’d be fooled into thinking attendees to Meetups only go for personal development, they also go because of a genuine passion for the market or a particular technology, making these events a great place to learn and network with passionate individuals within the tech community.

Meetups have become increasingly popular over the last few years, establishing a way for people to get together and discuss common interests. The tech team here at Eligo love Meetups, constantly attending, sponsoring, and hosting events within the technology community. (See here for upcoming events) I recently joined Eligo and was excited to be a part of this involvement and last week I attended my first tech Meetup, hosted by the Software Testing Clinic. There I met with Mark Winteringham (Lead Tester at Threatvine) who hosts the meet up once a month for Testers of any skill level.

The Software Testing Clinic offers an environment for junior testers to learn and enhance their testing skills and for senior testers to learn and enhance their mentoring skills. What I enjoyed the most about the event was meeting like-minded individuals who all share one thing in common – the desire to learn something which will help to shape their career in the industry. As I enjoyed my first experience so much I want to share with you some reasons why attending a tech Meetup is a great idea.

You might be a Meetup sceptic, thinking ‘I don’t know anyone’, ‘I don’t know enough about the topic’ and ‘where will getting involved in a local meet-up get me?’. If you are wondering what exactly you can gain from a local technical meet up, let me set those barriers of fear, time commitment and interest to rest with 5 reasons to attend a tech Meetup.


    • Continuous learning
      Every Meetup is diverse and in fact, no two Meetups are the same. The organiser will usually decide on a topic for their Meetup and then arrange speakers to contribute on these related topics. You are bound to learn something new at every Meetup you attend, which is why they are a great place to improve your knowledge, discover new things and become inspired.


    • New connections
      Meetups are also a great opportunity to meet new people and network, not everyone attends Meetups with networking in mind, it just happens naturally. It’s a great way to get yourself out there to meet future employers and interact with peers and recruiters in your technology space. Everyone is welcoming and it’s likely that you will make some friends for life!


    • Gain absolutely nothing or absolutely anything
      Meetups are what you make of them, and are typically only as productive as you want them to be. If you expect to be badgered for RSVPs or scolded for being late, you’re in for a surprise; everyone is there at their own will and willingly take time out of their day to get involved, because they genuinely enjoy it.


    • Promote personal brand
      Meetups can be your secret weapon, should you choose to accept, for your career and personal brand. Presenting at Meetups can open up opportunities for collaboration, learning, career growth and instant credibility in your user community.


    • Free Pizza and Beer!  
      If you get a particularly nice event host, you will be likely to get a free beer and a slice of pizza!

Granted pizza and beer might not be your thing, but there you have it – 5 reasons to attend a tech Meetup! Tech Meetups are usually run on a monthly basis and it is a good idea to regularly attend these Meetups to give you a chance to get to know others in your community and gain valuable knowledge! If you happen to attend the next Software Testing Clinic Meetup, I’ll hopefully see you there!

Do you have a positive experience of Meetups or an event you have organised? What have you found to be the positives and negatives about Meetups? Can you add to the reasons why everyone should attend a tech Meetup? I would love to hear your experiences!

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