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Eligo Technology News Round Up 12/08/2016

Technology | Chloe Pearson | 12/8/16

Weekly Tech News



Eligo Technology news round up, featuring the latest news and updates from the Tech industry- week ending 12/08/2016



Thompson Routers join major block chain consortium


R3, the global firm that is at the leading efforts to standardise blockchain technology has acquired over 40 members that include, Barclays, HSBC, Goldman Sachs and now adds Thompson Routers to its list. Thompson Router’s aim of the collaboration with R3 is to shape the future of financial transactions.

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(City A.M.)  08/08/2016


UK faces Human Rights challenge to bulk hacking abroad
Bulk Hacking

The UK government’s use of bulk hacking against foreigners has come up against legal challenges put forward by privacy rights organisation, Privacy International. The challenge has been filed with the European Court of Human Rights and comes after a previous challenge from Privacy International earlier this year against the use of bulk hacking through the court of the UK’s intelligence agencies, IPT.

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(Tech Crunch) 08/08/2016


Could intelligent machines help create intelligent teams?

intelligent machines

There are two sides to the opinion of artificial intelligence on whether it’s a marvel or a threat to jobs. Recruitment and HR professionals are taking a view that the purpose of AI is to enhance people’s capabilities and are now using it to target what is in-built in all humans: unconscious bias.

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(Tech City News) 10/08/2016



New Open-Source R extension announced
Open Source

An analytics company IBM Watson and Columbus Collaboratory, a Cybersecurity company have announced the release of a new Open-Source R extension, CognizeR. The aim of this new extension is to simplify accessing and building solutions using the R programming language.

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(SDtimes.com) 11/08/2016




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