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Author: Bhavica Ruparelia | Date: 7/3/17 | Category: Medical
IR35/Off-payroll: what do you need to know?

As we're sure you're aware the government has recently confirmed changes to legislation from April 2017 called Off-payroll or IR35. We would like to take this opportunity to help our Doctors and Nurses fully understand how this legislation affects you and what actions you need to take. If you have any questions or queries at all regarding IR35 please get in touch as soon as possible and we'll be happy to discuss your situation. You can request a call-back about IR35 by clicking here, or register your interest in our sessions outside of IR35 by clicking here.   What is IR35? The legislation is intended to stop "disguised employment", where employers engage employees...

Author: Rick Deller | Date: 7/3/17 | Category: Technology
your guide to programming languages

Are you new to programming or perhaps you’re looking to switch languages? Learning a new coding language can not only lead you onto a new career path, but it’s also a great way of developing in-demand job skills. By becoming fluent in a programming language, you will be able to prove to employers that you have a clear software aptitude as well as the ability to process information and analyse data. Whether you want to learn a language to build software, apps or websites understanding the fundamentals of programming will also teach you computational thinking, and problem-solving skills that can be applied anywhere. So how do you decide? Learning a new coding language from scratch...

Author: John Guest | Date: 6/3/17 | Category: Fire and Security
hiring a superstar is easy - have a conversation with your recruiter

What does a typical conversation with a recruiter usually sound like to you? A couple of days ago I was having a conversation with a potential new client who was looking to hire following the exit of a long term employee. They had since hired someone else but that had unfortunately not worked out. In pursuit of a better hire the Director had gone out to their own personal network with no joy; candidates were not hungry enough, too stuck in their ways, and had unrealistic expectations. What he wanted was someone who was still improving in their abilities, driven, hungry, motivated to open new doors, open-minded to new ideas and able to learn yet have significant experience selling...

Author: Rick Deller | Date: 3/3/17 | Category: Technology
tech team standup

Last week Eligo Technology were pleased to welcome experienced CTO James Oughton to say ‘hello from the other side’ of the desk, offering us a first-hand insight into what Senior Hiring Managers expect from recruiters, their processes, and how we can adapt our way of working to benefit both our candidates and clients. The talk comes as part of our ongoing training and insight programme, which has also included a recent session with an Agile coach and mentor to learn how we can utilise the communication system within our team whilst continually getting a better understanding of the developers we work with on a daily basis. His view of the hiring process in which Eligo shares a...

Author: Ellen Ashby | Date: 3/3/17 | Category: Fire and Security
Fire & Security Industry news round up 03/03/2017

    This week in our Fire & Security industry news round-up we cover the threat of commercial drones, our privacy in Smarter World, how to avoid security devices vulnerabilities and more...     Commercial drones and growing security threat “The Islamic State’s use of weaponised UAVs represents a growing security threat to the region and in the West more generally”. According to jihadist media monitoring conducted by Jane’s by IHS Markit, UAVs - Commercial unmanned aerial vehicles - are a growing security threat in the West. The Islamic State has been the most notable and predominant militant group making use of UAVs in both propaganda...

Author: Tom Townsend | Date: 3/3/17 | Category: Technology
Weekly Tech News 03-03-2017

  Stay tech savvy with the Eligo Technology news roundup, featuring the latest news and updates from the Tech industry each week. This week ending 03/03/2017 the new UK Digital Strategy is announced, AWS typo knocks websites offline, the UK economy is adapting well to automation and Dyson challenges tech giants with a huge investment in Britain.             Google, BT and more pledge skills training for millions as part of UK digital strategy The department for Culture, Media and Sport has finally unveiled its Digital Strategy that includes Google, Barclays, Lloyds Banking and BT pledging to offer digital skills training to millions in...

Author: Callum Peach | Date: 24/2/17 | Category: Fire and Security
Fire & Security Weekly News Roundup 24/02/2017

    This week in our Fire & Security industry news round-up we cover the impressive growth of the wearable security market, challenges in installing the video entry systems, rising military & defence budget in the Middle East and more...     Military and defence budget on the rise in the Middle East According to the latest analysis prepared by IHS Markit, Middle East increases its drive to acquire new military capabilities and the defence budgets will return to growth in 2017. “Defence procurement activity is starting to pick up in the Middle East following a brief dip due to the collapse in oil prices; we expect Saudi Arabia and the UAE,...

Author: Rick Deller | Date: 24/2/17 | Category: Technology
Weekly Tech News 24-02-2017

Stay tech savvy with the Eligo Technology news roundup, featuring the latest news and updates from the Tech industry each week. This week ending 24/02/2017 Amazon and Expedia announce positive plans for post-Brexit UK, 26 companies join Tech City UK's Future Fifty programme, Linux 4.10 is released and Google introduces its new debugger tool.             Positive UK post-Brexit: Amazon creates thousands of new jobs Amazon is promising to create thousands of new jobs in the UK by the end of 2017. It’s the latest US tech giant to commit to the UK following the Brexit vote, with aims to create 5,000 more full-time jobs, totalling at 24,000 by...

Author: Jacob Sanders | Date: 24/2/17 | Category: Eligo News
Eligo Recruitment Best Recruitment Agency Recruiter Awards Shortlist

We've always considered ourselves pretty great; Eligo was started because of our passion for recruitment, doing it with quality and integrity, and wanting to create a workplace where our staff would feel the same and ultimately love coming to work each day. However, there's probably not many in the recruitment industry that don't feel the same way. That's why we're absolutely delighted every time we find out we've been selected for industry awards, and none more so than the Recruiter Awards. The Recruiter Awards gala is the UK's largest event for the entire recruitment community recognising outstanding achievements across the sector and is widely recognised as the benchmark within the...

Author: Chloe Pearson | Date: 23/2/17 | Category: Technology
diversity in tech

It’s the 21st century, so you’d expect that all workplaces are fully diverse, especially so in the tech industry where big tech firms Apple, Google, and Facebook have mantras such as “diversity makes us stronger” and are actively opposing the recent US ‘travel ban’. Such statements by tech giants should be a continuation of their track record of diversity, however, the harsh reality is that on self-reflection the American tech industry is still mostly ‘a bastion of white, male privilege’. This has in particular been brought to light this week with an exposing blog post by a former female employee at Uber. Susan Fowler’s post ‘Reflecting on one very, very strange...

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