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Author: Ellen Ashby | Date: 7/7/17 | Category: Fire and Security
Eligo Fire & Security News by our Fire & Security Recruiters

    As a number of acquisitions have been announced lately, with more and more companies coming together to become better and stronger, this week in our Fire & Security industry news round-up we cover the acquisitions of HID Global with Arjo Systems SAS and more. We also cover the Security Markets reports and our recent attendance to the Security Twenty 17 exhibition in Harrogate.       Acquisitions, acquisitions, acquisitions 1. HID Global, a worldwide leader in trusted identity solutions, today announced that it has acquired Arjo Systems SAS, a provider of physical and digital identity solutions for secure government ID applications. Read...

Author: Thomas Waddle | Date: 7/7/17 | Category: Technology
Weekly Tech News 07-07-17

    Stay tech savvy with the Eligo Technology news roundup, featuring the latest news and updates from the Tech industry each week. This week ending 07/07/2017 Google's DeepMind broke privacy law wth NHS partnership, UK had record VC investment in the first half 2017, EU law changes will allow more control over Facebook and Google data and Oracle open sources new tools focused containers.           UK shrugged off Brexit with record VC investment in the first half of 2017 The UK’s tech sector has shrugged off the fallout from Brexit, scoring a record level of investment in the first half of the year, as figures from London...

Author: Chloe Pearson | Date: 30/6/17 | Category: Technology
London Perl Mongers July Tech Meet-Up – with keynote speaker Brian D Foy

  Since its inception in 1998, the London Perl Mongers hold regular social, technical meetings and hackdays about the Perl programming language and related topics. The technical meetings are a chance to find out what has been going on in the Perl community, what techniques people are using and how Perl integrates with other software. Last night saw the 2nd Perl Mongers tech meet-up of the year, hosted by CV-Library at their offices in Vauxhall. Perl enthusiasts old and new came together for a night of all things Perl which included talks from Colin Newell  ‘Recommending Crypto 1’, Lance Wicks on Mob programming the CPAN Pull Request Challenge, Jérôme Étévé ...

Author: Dan Baxter | Date: 30/6/17 | Category: Technology

    Stay tech savvy with the Eligo Technology news roundup, featuring the latest news and updates from the Tech industry each week. This week ending 30/06/2017 Google is fined by the European Commission, we attended the latest Perl Mongers event at CV-Library, WPP Suffers a Cyber-attack and experts say it was about data, not money and a survey reveals Node.js increasing in popularity.          Google fined $2.7 billion for abusing product searches The tech giant Google has been found guilty by the European Commission, of manipulating results to promote its own products. On Tuesday, it was confirmed that the company has been fined...

Author: Karolina Samsel | Date: 30/6/17 | Category: Fire and Security
Recruitment agency specilising in Fire & Security - our weekly F&S News

    As IFSEC 2017 kept us very busy, we are catching up with 2 weeks worth of Fire & Security industry news covering the growth in IoT Security & UEA fire safety markets, growing demand for Chinese video surveillance products, its risks and more...       Grenfell Tower: Gate Safe calls for important changes in building access In the immediate aftermath of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, the campaigners at Gate Safe – the organisation established to improve the understanding of existing legislation and standards affecting safe gates – were “horrified” to read in the national media that firefighters were recently hindered from attending...

Author: Rick Deller | Date: 26/6/17 | Category: Technology
How to retain tech talent

NOTICE OF RESIGNATION The three words every hiring manager dreads. If you always manage to retain every single member of staff and this is the first time you’ve heard those three words then you should probably stop reading right now, as I can add no further value for you! However, if you’re with the other 99.9% of us, you will probably be wondering how you can cost-effectively recruit and retain tech talent. We all know that businesses usually hire based on skills and knowledge and fire based on behaviours. Hiring managers spend hours on end defining roles, responsibilities and functions but are rarely able to consistently clearly explain what the required behaviours are,...

Author: Jacob Sanders | Date: 23/6/17 | Category: Technology

    Stay tech savvy with the Eligo Technology news roundup, featuring the latest news and updates from the Tech industry each week. This week ending 23/06/2017 an Open-Source Python library helps developers create reactive web apps, funding for a biotech company could change the face of retail banking, the Queen's speech outlines UK government proposal for a 'new digital charter' and Facebook launches an initiative to fight online hate speech.             New Open-source Python library helps developers create reactive web apps As the interest in Python programming language increases, a new open-source project wants to help developers...

Author: Rick Deller | Date: 19/6/17 | Category: Technology

    There’s no beating around the bush finding great testers is a tricky business. Even once you have found the right tester, there’s still the task of getting them through the door and interested in your company and role! So how can you do this? Consider these five factors when attracting the best software testers, manual and automation testers, test analysts, and QA engineers.       Technology and Product Are you using the best technology in testing to attract the best software testers to your business? Is your product solid, substantive and fun to work on? When it comes to your product, to attract the right testers your code and the...

Author: John Stephenson | Date: 16/6/17 | Category: Technology
Weekly Tech News 16-06-17

    Stay tech savvy with the Eligo Technology news roundup, featuring the latest news and updates from the Tech industry each week. This week ending 16/06/2017 Google opens a new tech hub, Uber CEO steps down, Python programming language grows in popularity and Ford launches a 'smart mobility' office.               Google opens new UK tech hub for digital skills Google is opening a huge new space in London designed to give the nation training in vital digital skills. The Academy will offer lessons to anyone, from schoolchildren to chief execs at the 40,000 sq ft space in Victoria with input from Google staff and...

Author: Akeim Morgan | Date: 16/6/17 | Category: Fire and Security
Eligo Fire & Security Recruitment Consultants

    This week in our Fire & Security industry news round-up we cover the upcoming IFSEC conference, the summary of the latest Euralarm Symposium, improvements at Dubai Airport and more...       Grenfell Tower Fire - 'Disaster waiting to happen' A 2015 survey by the Fire Sector Federation, a forum for fire and rescue organisations, found that 92% of its members believed the regulations were “long overdue an overhaul”, claiming that they do not reflect today’s design and construction methods and that research underpinning the guidance is out of date. An architect and fire expert Sam Webb describes hundreds of tower blocks across the UK,...

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