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Author: Tom Townsend | Date: 20/1/17 | Category: Technology
Weekly Tech News 06-01-2017

  Stay tech savvy with the Eligo Technology news roundup, featuring the latest news and updates from the Tech industry each week. This week ending 20/01/2017 employee monitoring is driven by data, Deliveroo is set to create 300 tech jobs in London, Microsoft adds support for another Linux distribution on Azure and Codracy breaks down important software metrics for developers.            The next generation of employee monitoring is data driven Would you let your boss track your every move? A major UK bank and some parts of the NHS are reportedly fitting their employees with wearable tech that monitors their every move. From how...

Author: Chloe Pearson | Date: 17/1/17 | Category: Technology
overview of the tech job market

  Are you looking for a new technology job for 2017? Interested to find out more about different sectors in the technology jobs market? Looking to find out more about your sector and what you should be earning? Based on our industry data we have compiled a brief overview of the different technology sectors from the last 12 months highlighting the top job roles, top locations and what you could be earning. In our overview, we cover four different technology job markets, Data, Open Source, Contract and Sitecore, offering you advice on; What interview questions to expect What to consider before accepting a role How to stand out in your...

Author: Callum Peach | Date: 13/1/17 | Category: Fire and Security
Fire & Security Industry news round up 13/01/2017

This week in our Fire & Security industry news round-up we cover the increased spending on Global Defence, what the future may bring for PSIM market and the state of security in Retail and Oil & Gas sectors.   Fire & Security industry news round-up for the week ending 13 January 2017   Global Defence spending rose in 2016 to $1.57 trillion According to IHS Markit's annual Jane’s Defence Budgets Report, global defence spending reached  $1.57 trillion and "returned to a healthy rate of growth in 2016, kicking off what we expect to be a decade of stronger global defence spending". Interestingly, the Baltics is the fastest growing region of the areas covered....

Author: Rick Deller | Date: 13/1/17 | Category: Technology
Weekly Tech News 13-01-2017

  Stay tech savvy with the Eligo Technology news roundup, featuring the latest news and updates from the Tech industry each week. This week ending 13/01/2017 Amazon promises a new job training platform for young people and veterans and Snapchat chooses the UK for its international hub. Recent reports also announce agile and DevOps work better together and the top 50 developer tools of 2016  are revealed.         Amazon launches UK job training platform and placement program Amazon recently announced the launch of AWS re:Start a training and job placement program to help young adults and veterans in the UK. In partnership with The Prince’s Trust...

Author: Karolina Samsel | Date: 6/1/17 | Category: Fire and Security
Fire & security industry news

What 2017 is going to look like for Security Industry? This year's first week in our Fire & Security industry news round-up we cover the predictions, trends and forecasts in various industry sectors.   Fire & Security industry news round-up for the week ending 06 January 2017   Tumultuous year ahead in the Cyber Security 2017 – a year of change, growth, and advancement. The list of top 10 technology predictions has been put together by Beyondtrust, a leading cyber security company specialists. As the Internet of Things continues to change the world and the way people live, it will also continue to open threat possibilities for all connected devices. The...

Author: Ellen Ashby | Date: 6/1/17 | Category: Advice, Fire and Security
questions to ask your recruiter

CV being rejected? Think you’re right for the role? Just want to get in front of the hiring manager and then you know you’ll be able to sell yourself? It might not be you, it might be your recruiter…   In this blog, I’m going to cover 5 things to discuss with your recruiter before letting them put your CV forward. Points such as those below could be the difference between getting interviewed or being rejected, so if this really is the job of your dreams make sure that you cover these 5 questions to ask your recruiter next time you speak.   5 questions to ask your recruiter   The CV Firstly is your recruiter hell bent on having your CV? Maybe your...

Author: Thomas Waddle | Date: 6/1/17 | Category: Technology
Weekly Tech News 06-01-2017

    Stay tech savvy with the Eligo Technology news roundup, featuring the latest news and updates from the Tech industry each week. As we come to the end of the first week of the new year we catch up on tech news out there. This week ending 06/01/2017 Londoners turn to chatbots for healthcare, an AI system replaces employees in Japan, Python open sources Grumpy and Samsung invests in startups.         Londoners to have access to AI chatbot instead of calling NHS 111 It has been announced this week that some areas of the capital will be able to use a chatbot for health advice from the NHS, in the form of a new smartphone app powered by AI....

Author: John Guest | Date: 4/1/17 | Category: Advice, Eligo News, Fire and Security
Eligo Book Club with Fire & Security Recruitment Director John Guest

We’re a varied bunch here and all love a good read. Each world book day we’ve put together a quick blog going round the office and asking for our consultants best recommendations on books on a variety of subjects. These have been so successful that we’ve decided to branch out and focus on a small selection of books each consultant would love to recommend for a multitude of purposes and reasons. First up, we have Fire & Security Recruitment Director John Guest. Happy Reading!   One of my new year’s resolutions last year was to read more, and since I haven’t looked back. Around the office I quite often find myself suggesting a read to one of my colleagues, with many...

Author: Jacob Sanders | Date: 1/1/17 | Category: Advice
find a new job 2016 eligo

January’s a prime time for cliché, ushering in the New Year, new me, new job phase. But at the end of the day, it is a great time for re-evaluation and to kick start yourself into a place where you’d like to be before the next year has rolled around and you're wondering just why the hell you’re still in the same place for yet another year. Whilst the job market is active throughout the year, January is the busiest month for job hunters, and a large number of employers are also assessing their options for the year ahead and looking to hire during this period. So leave the cliché’s behind, and let us give you our top tips on how to find a new job and advance your career this...

Author: Chloe Pearson | Date: 29/12/16 | Category: Technology
tech predictions 2017

Making yearly predictions is a risky game, especially with the unpredictable year we’ve had… but as we near the end of 2016 now’s the time we take out our crystal ball to see what tech predictions for 2017 are. As the outlook for 2017 may be subject to many changes in a world that is… unpredictable we try to pin down some tech predictions surrounding Open Source, Sitecore, Big Data and the Internet of Things, with insights from our very own specialist consultants and experts we work with.   DevOps & Linux In 2017 the next chapter of DevOps is predicted to focus on security, with the process of building security code becoming part of application development, rather...

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