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Rick Deller

Head of the Technology Division (London and West Midlands)

Rick Deller Perl Recruitment Specialist

Sector: Technology

Specialises in: Recruitment jobs in Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP, Java , Microsoft technologies and all things Linux

Interesting fact: I previously worked with the FA as a disability officer

Recruiter Biography:

I have extensive recruitment experience across Finance, IT and Digital Media, joining Eligo in April 2012 to lead a team of highly talented recruitment consultants specialising in Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP, Java , Microsoft technologies and all things Linux.

I recruit for all levels within Open Source, having placed 1st Line support positions right up to CTO, as well as developers across the board from Junior Developer to Senior Developer - both Web based and more system based. Although I am an all round recruiter I do specialise in and have particular success in working with clients to place those hard to fill roles.

As a leading Open Source Recruitment Specialist with a focus on Perl, I have access to candidates and clients across the globe. This has given me the opportunity to attend multiple sector meet ups. I’m regularly invited to speak at leading Industry Events as a Open Source Recruitment expert and have spoken at  London Perl Workshop, YAPC:EU, Dynamic Language Conference, and FLOSSUK to name a few. This experience allows me to understand in real depth both client and candidate expectations and desires, forming an excellent relationship with both parties.


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Articles by Rick Deller
Author: Rick Deller | Date: 16/11/17 | Category: Technology
how to attract next gen of devs

  There are many challenges that businesses take on day to day when running and growing their businesses, but one major challenge that 25% of digital businesses face during the recruitment process is talent sourcing. Why is this? There is a tech skills shortage in the UK, with 50% of businesses believing there to be a shortage of highly skilled employees out there. It’s predicted by 2022 that 518,000 additional workers will be needed to fill the specialist roles vacant in the digital space. So, facing this skills gap, what can be done to attract and hire the next generation of developers?   Make skills a priority over education Despite the popular myths, it...

Author: Rick Deller | Date: 29/9/17 | Category: Technology

      Stay tech-savvy with the Eligo Technology news roundup, this week ending 29/09/2017 Twitter doubles its character limit, Uber and TfL to hold talks next week over licence decision, Xamarin launches new mobile developer certification program and a drone detects heartbeat and breathing rates.             Twitter doubles character limit Twitter announced on Tuesday that they will be testing 280-character tweets, doubling the previous character limit, in an effort to help users be more expressive. Twitter says that about 9 percent of all tweets today are exactly 140 characters, which suggests users often have to...

Author: Rick Deller | Date: 18/9/17 | Category: Technology
4 ways to nurture and grow your tech team.

    In this highly competitive start-up industry, the most important aspect of a successful business is its technical team.  Technical teams are unique, and different strengths, personalities and backgrounds can lead to a fusion of ideas that can bring successful results, giving your business the edge over others. In order for your technical team to be the best, you need to hire and keep the best talent, reward and share in their successes and fully invest in your team.           4 ways to nurture and grow your tech team   Happy Staff = High Retention You know for a fact that happy staff are more likely to stay longer, and you...

Author: Rick Deller | Date: 26/6/17 | Category: Technology
How to retain tech talent

NOTICE OF RESIGNATION The three words every hiring manager dreads. If you always manage to retain every single member of staff and this is the first time you’ve heard those three words then you should probably stop reading right now, as I can add no further value for you! However, if you’re with the other 99.9% of us, you will probably be wondering how you can cost-effectively recruit and retain tech talent. We all know that businesses usually hire based on skills and knowledge and fire based on behaviours. Hiring managers spend hours on end defining roles, responsibilities and functions but are rarely able to consistently clearly explain what the required behaviours are,...

Author: Rick Deller | Date: 19/6/17 | Category: Technology

    There’s no beating around the bush finding great testers is a tricky business. Even once you have found the right tester, there’s still the task of getting them through the door and interested in your company and role! So how can you do this? Consider these five factors when attracting the best software testers, manual and automation testers, test analysts, and QA engineers.       Technology and Product Are you using the best technology in testing to attract the best software testers to your business? Is your product solid, substantive and fun to work on? When it comes to your product, to attract the right testers your code and the...

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  Stay tech savvy with the Eligo Technology news roundup, featuring the latest news and updates from the Tech industry each week. This week ending 02/06/2017 you can ride the tube for free with a Lucozade bottle and the tech industry reacts to Trump's decision to leave Paris climate agreement. Britons are ready to embrace a driverless future, UK tech announces a manifesto for tech and what happened with BA's bank holiday outage.              Tech industry reacts to Trump’s decision to leave Paris climate change agreement After announcing to leave the Paris climate change agreement United States President Donald Trump was met...

Author: Rick Deller | Date: 14/4/17 | Category: Technology
Weekly Tech News 14-04-17

  Stay tech savvy with the Eligo Technology news roundup, featuring the latest news and updates from the Tech industry each week. This week ending 14/04/2017 Phillip Hammond champions UK FinTech, RedHat releases Ansible 2.3, and research finds men are more likely to use AI health care than women.              Chancellor of the exchequer Phillip Hammond champions UK FinTech Speaking at HM government’s inaugural International FinTech conference on Wednesday, Phillip Hammond declared that he wants the UK to remain at the forefront of the FinTech revolution post-Brexit. The Chancellor of the exchequer called on innovators, investors...

Author: Rick Deller | Date: 15/3/17 | Category: Technology
The problem with hiring tactics

Every company in the tech industry has their own methods of attracting, engaging, and hiring developers. Usually using well established hiring tactics such as the CV overview, technical test and a standard interview process with the senior developer and CTO. These “standard” hiring tactics, however, can often overlook one of the biggest debates that is ongoing in the hiring community; do you hire for personality or skill? In most cases, it will be essential to hire a developer for their skills over personality, as they will need to deliver on certain technology aspects for the business. However, there is an understanding that in today’s world of ever-changing technology that it...

Author: Rick Deller | Date: 10/3/17 | Category: Technology
how to stand out in a technical interview

In our previous blog, we mentioned a visit from CTO James Oughton, who gave a talk on his view of the hiring process from the other side of the desk. A great takeaway from his talk was his insight into the interview process, what he expects from candidates and types of questions he asks in technical interviews. Using my own experiences of interviewing candidates and discussing interview practices with clients, I wanted to take this further and offer steps that you can follow as candidates to stand out in a technical interview. To achieve this, you need to be prepared, communicate your skills and attributes effectively and present your problem-solving skills. The main thing CTO’s...

Author: Rick Deller | Date: 7/3/17 | Category: Technology
your guide to programming languages

Are you new to programming or perhaps you’re looking to switch languages? Learning a new coding language can not only lead you onto a new career path, but it’s also a great way of developing in-demand job skills. By becoming fluent in a programming language, you will be able to prove to employers that you have a clear software aptitude as well as the ability to process information and analyse data. Whether you want to learn a language to build software, apps or websites understanding the fundamentals of programming will also teach you computational thinking, and problem-solving skills that can be applied anywhere. So how do you decide? Learning a new coding language from scratch...

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