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DevOps Engineer / Live for DevOps / DevOps Guru

  • JOB CODE: J16489/AG1
  • JOB TYPE: Permanent
  • SALARY/RATE: £50,000 - £55,000 per annum
  • LOCATION: London
  • BENEFITS: Bonus, Holidays, Private Medical

DevOps Engineer / Live for DevOps / DevOps is the future

So, without just dropping Keyword bombs left right and centre we are looking for a DevOps Engineer to manage and develop IT Systems as well as working on the deployment of enterprise software solutions. Working with bleeding edge technology up in the cloud! Yes, as you have seen I'm going to keep this obscure, so you have to phone me to find out who it is as we know its human nature for people to play the guess the company game.

Is this you?

  • Build features iteratively
  • Collect metrics
  • Manage risk
  • Solve theory arguments with execution
  • Choose tools that fit the job
  • Integrate and deliver continuously
  • Write tests
  • Focus on availability
  • Plan for capacity
  • Practice incident response
  • Use scalable systems design
  • Be unique
  • Empower teams
  • Build consensus on important decisions
  • Put application and infrastructure through the same workflow
  • Oh, and a be little obsessed about Security!

If you have answered Yes to all of the above (Although the last one isn't an actual requirement for this role but us DevOps guys are all nuts on security)

Tech Stack

They are going to love you if you have exposure to Redhat or CentOS, but they will still love you if you have experience with other Linux Environments. Database exposure with PostgreSQL is preferred and MySQL in addition would bring a tear to my eye! Exposure to other exciting tech, services, tools and container orchestration like these listed or similar could match this a match made in heaven; Python, Kubernetes, Puppet, AWS, Github, Apache, Nginx, Redis etc.
Even if you like to mix in a little Microsoft administration also we definitely want to hear from you too!


Friend, Social and Team environment, so it's broken into small teams with hand off management style, as you're the specialist they will let you bring new innovative ideas to the business as you have been doing this a while - They will let you get on with it.

Oh, they also pay a very competitive salary, bonus scheme, and great additional benefits

Let's do a breakdown

  • DevOps Engineer
  • Systems Admin Experience
  • But to be honest a large factor is going to be how much you love DevOps and the DevOps community and care about what you do, and If you can keep your head when all around you have lost theirs (OK stole that line) but I need an experienced DevOps Engineer who will be calm under pressure.

To apply, please send your CV to Aaron Gunton on aarong@eligo.co.uk or call 0208 971 1887 for immediate consideration

Call 0208 971 1887 or Email aarong@eligo.co.uk

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