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  • JOB CODE: J15688
  • JOB TYPE: Permanent
  • SALARY/RATE: £45,000 - £55,000 per annum
  • LOCATION: South East
  • BENEFITS: Shareholder Scheme

This opportunity won't be for everyone - it's a little different. But here's who it will suit: someone who has a dream, someone who has a certain mindset. The mindset that if you believe, you can achieve. If you get up off your backside and go after it, you'll get it. You probably read books to better yourself. You probably don't think negative thoughts. You probably have goals, and keep setting new ones after you achieve them.

Cold-calling? Ha, big deal! You don't have to like it, but you do it. You're a relationship builder. People have bought from you in the past because they like you. They've come back to you and bought again because they like you. They've told other people to buy from you, because they like you.

You are this type of person, yes. But have you ever really got the reward for it? The recognition? The Director status? The company shares? Perhaps this is the next thing on your vision-board. You probably have one of those, right?

If you're a specialist in Passive Fire Protection (doors, cladding, sealants, all of that) and you have a good commercial understanding of the industry, products, compliance and little techy bits then that helps. Phones are ringing off the hook for these solutions for starters, so most of the business will probably come to you.

The company in question already run a successful Fire Protection business operating in the inert gas remit. They've set up a company on the side to deliver Passive Fire Protection solutions, put a load of money aside to invest in it, and have a vision for it. But they have nobody to run it, and that's where you come in. Ultimately this is a sales role, the company can't grow without sales and relationships. If you have hot operations and organisational skills though, it's only going to work in your favour.

Ideally you'll be based around the South of the UK near Slough or any of the motorways like the M3, M4 or M25. A3 would be fine.

Salary is pretty flexible but with Director and Shareholder opportunities you can expect rewards like you've never had before.

If you think you could do this role, give Ellen at Eligo a call on 02089 444 189 or follow the Apply Now link! Speak to you soon...

Call 0208 944 4189 or Email ellena@eligo.co.uk

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