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Author: John Doherty | Date: 10/12/14 | Category: Eligo News
Top Recruiters in Dubai

Winter has finally set upon us; the gloves and woolly hats are out, the rain is pouring down, and battles for control of the office heating have started. Nothing stands in the way of Eligo and our team of top recruiters though! Consistently paving the way as London’s leading recruitment specialists; the team have enjoyed enormous success this quarter. Eligo love to reward their top recruiters and offer regular industry leading incentives, including all expenses paid, luxury company trips. After visiting places such as Morocco, Las Vegas, and Croatia, this time our team of top recruiters were off to Dubai! Leaving windy Wimbledon behind, the team set off to the airport for their 7...

Author: Vicky Bodhani | Date: 2/12/14 | Category: Eligo News, Medical
eligo redefining training recruitment consultants

We are very excited at Eligo HQ to have launched a new division – Eligo Medical, specialising in medical contract recruitment. This is new territory for Eligo but we are starting out with an extraordinarily strong team of 4 experienced medical contract recruitment specialists.The Eligo Medical team have over 20 years combined experience in contract recruitment, placing locum GPs and nurses across a range over medical establishments. The experience of the team brings a thorough understanding of the medical employment sector including knowledge of the qualifications, skills, and specialisms of both locum GPs and locum nurses and the regulations that govern them. The team have forged...

Author: Jacob Sanders | Date: 24/11/14 | Category: Eligo News
top london recruitment agency sponsors

As a top London Recruitment Agency, we always strive to be top of the league in Recruitment. There's also a fair few of us at Eligo that fancy ourselves top of the league as the next Messi, Ronaldo, Bale, and Heskey, experiencing glory (and heartbreak) at numerous footballing events. It turns out we also have a Mourinho in our midst in Director, John (Jose) Doherty. We love to get involved with the local community, it's part of what drives our success. With plenty of experience in scoring goals for our clients and candidates alike, we decided to lend Jose Doherty to local U7's team 'The Wizards', offering up his tactical nouse and producing the magic needed to lead the team to local...

Author: John Guest | Date: 9/6/14 | Category: Eligo News
Eligo Recruitment Specialists Football

At Eligo we are a social bunch who enjoy getting together for a few beers but we are also very proud of our very own football teams. Yes, we have an Eligo A team and an Eligo B Team!! Each year we join the Jobsite team at their annual 5 a side tournament. The A team have not submitted details of their day but I think it may be because they are still a bit sore as I know it did involve a penalty shoot out and someone missed! So here is the story of how the B team got on . . .  . The journey started on the train where the Eligo B Team, Anton (team Captain and self-confessed legend) Raj, Chris, Matt, Joe and our keeper Scott “ponytail” set off for the big day to Fratton Park....

Author: Vicky Bodhani | Date: 23/12/13 | Category: Eligo News

Here at Eligo we like to really get into the Christmas spirit and what better way to do that than theme your office party on dead famous people? A little morbid you may think but it does make for an amusing commute to work and an even more amusing trip to the local café for breakfast. I’m not sure Wimbledon was ready for Superman, Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, and Elvis all before 9.30am! Once we had the obligatory strength building, energy fuelling breakfast, it was back to the office for Secret Santa before we were off to the pub. With banter and Christmas spirit now in full flow, we perhaps should have reminded ourselves that this was a marathon and not a sprint of a Christmas...

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